13 Celebs Before and After Plastic Surgery

It's pretty common to hear about a celebrity going under the knife to physically enhance her body, but getting any of them to admit to it, is another story. We've rounded up 13 Latinas' before and after sugery photos. Tell us if you think these stars really have had work done:


Naya Rivera

The Glee star sparked plastic surgery rumors after recently posting the photo on the right to Instagram. Fans quickly began commenting and speculating that Rivera must have gone under the knife to get a boob job, since her chest appeared much larger than it normally does. "Umm, something isn't right here," wrote one fan. "You got your boobs done, looks good," commented another fan. Rivera has yet to comment.


Eiza Gonzalez

The gorgeous Mexican star has undergone quite a transformation throughout the years! According to Us Weekly, in 2010 the 23-year-old actress admitted, during an interview with Hoy, that she had gotten a nose job. There was no medical reason behind her decision, she said she just didn't like the way she looked.


Jenni “JWOWW” Farley

JWOWW has one of those faces that looks like it's constantly evolving. Since the start of Jersey Shore up until now, JWOWW appears to have gained fuller lips and tighter skin. And although it’s public knowledge that Snooki’s BFF has breast implants, she says that’s all she’s ever done to herself. 

“People are saying I got cheek implants, my chin shaved down and a nose job,” she told In Touch. “But I didn't.” She continued, “I lost 15 pounds and my cheeks have become more defined.”


Nicole Richie

In 2011, the petite Fashion Star judge went under the knife to enhance her bust and showed them off for the first time while vacationing in Mexico.


Jennifer Lopez

We’ve been playing the “has she or hasn’t she” game with J.Lo for quite some time. Rumors have stated that Lopez not only had her nose and lips done, but that she also had surgery to enhance her butt. The superstar has never confirmed, but what do you think?


Cameron Diaz

In 2006, Diaz had to undergo a nose job for medical reasons. The Cuban American actress had been involved in a surfing accident three years prior.


Eva Mendes

Mendes has always been very vocal about her thoughts on plastic surgery. “No, not for me. That’s a brutal operation. Very invasive,” she said. “I’m really into the subconscious, you know? I wonder if they can hear the doctors talking about you when you lie there. Because you’re out, but you’re still alive. I’d want to be plugged into my iPod or something.”

But even though Mendes has said she’s against any surgical procedure, it’s been said that the Cuban starlet has tampered with her eyebrows, and not just with the use of Botox. What do you think?


Vanessa Bryant

The basketball wife made an appearance at the 2012 London Olympics with a much slimmer nose, but Bryant has yet to confess to having had any work done.


Christina Aguilera

Although she’s never admitted it, rumor has it that Aguilera underwent surgery in order to enhance her breasts since they were so small when she first started her career. Many also believe that the 31-year-old singer has also had liposuction, a nose job and injected her lips with Botox.



The Black Eyed Peas singer is known for her signature arched eyebrows and full lips, but it’s been said that these features have actually been enhanced through plastic surgery.  A Yahoo! Voices article even named Fergie one of 10 celebrities who have gone too far when going under the knife.


Mariah Carey

Carey reportedly spent $150,000 on enhancing herself.  From her nose to her breasts and down to her waist, it’s been said that the singer has done a lot to keep herself looking young and fit.


Eva Longoria

The Devious Maids producer has been quoted saying that although she isn’t against plastic surgery, she personally would never go through with it.  But rumor has it that Longoria has undergone a breast augmentation and lip injections.


Daisy Fuentes

We have to admit, Fuentes looks like she hasn’t aged a day since she first stepped on to the scene. According to TMZ, this is because the former MTV VJ had her nose and breasts done in 2010.