9 Reasons We're Crowning Will Smith an Honorary Latino

Will Smith is down with us. Perhaps, the most successful rapper-turned-actor isn’t just a wannabe Latino; he truly immerses himself in our culture with respect. Case in point, his recent collaboration with Colombian artists Bomba Estéreo.

Here are a few more reasons Smith should change his name to Guillermo:

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1. He can sing in Spanish


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After getting made fun of for posting a video while jamming out to La Bamba, the actor showed everyone just how much Spanish he actually knows. "Some of y’all were roasting me in the comments for not knowing the words to La Bamba the other day...," Smith wrote, before sharing a clip of himself singing every single word of the popular track.  

2. He Thinks He Was A Latino in His Past Life

When talking about his love for Latin American culture he said, "I think in a previous lifetime, I was definitely born in Costa Rica or something like that," he laughs!

3. He Thinks Our Culture is BOMB

While chatting with the Fresh Prince of Bel Air star on his new Netflix movie, BRIGHT, he talked about Latino culture. “I spent a lot of time in South America and I just love the fire!” he says. “When I was down in Brazil, I just got hype and started rappin’ for the crowd, you know, it’s like the energy is crazy, and I just love that fire, I love that flavor", says Smith.

4. He’s a Bomba Estéreo Fan

After listening to a few tracks by the Colombian electro-pop outfit and Smith was a quick convert. He told Billboard, “And almost completely unrelated, my manager Miguel is friends with people in [Sony Music Latin, Bomba’s label], and he showed me this song, ‘Fiesta.’ And I said, ‘That is crazy, I need to be on that.'” The result is the “Fiesta (Remix)” aka the first time Smith has been on a song in over 10 years! 

5. He’s Boys with Marc Anthony

And who was responsible for Smith’s introduction to Bomba Estéreo music? His friend, Marc Anthony. Smith told Billboard, “I was in Colombia, in Ibagué, with Marc Anthony, and he was listening to ‘Fuego’ [another Bomba track]. And I said, ‘That song is crazy!’” Done deal. 

6. He Loves Miami

As evidenced on his 1998 hit, “Miami,” the Philly-born artist has a soft spot for Little Latin America aka MIA. He even breaks into full Latino garb with his satin purple button down and shakes his nalgas faster than any twerker. Oh, and did we mention his constant shout outs to all the lovely Latinas on the song?

7. He Delivered Us Eva

And one lovely Latina model turns out to be future star, Eva Mendes. Fast forward eight years and the two share the screen in one of the funniest rom-coms of all time, Hitch. It was destined to be. 

8. Salma and Rosario

While Hitch may have been one of Smith’s most memorable roles, his roles in Wild Wild West and Men in Black II were not. Yet, even in his weakest roles, he’s got love for his Latinas—Salma Hayek (Wild Wild West) and Rosario Dawson (MIBII). He redeemed himself in the riveting Seven Pounds (2008) with Dawson.

9. He Speaks Spanish


While promoting his film, After Earth, with his son Jayden, he dropped by Univision’s Despierta America and proceeded to speak in Español (at least for a little bit). He said about working with Jayden, “Muy fantastico trabajar con mi hijo en esta pelicula.” And proceeded to continue to melt Latina hearts.