Princess Nokia Throws Hot Soup at Racist on the Train

Princess Nokia is kicking racists’ ass, one soup at a time.

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New York City never fails to amaze us. The city that never sleeps is home to some of the most relentless, unapologetic, and proactive people, who oftentimes stick together when the situation calls for it. A viral video shared by Baller Alert on Twitter is a true testament to that.

If you’re a fellow New Yorker, you know what an adventure a train ride could be. Whether it be showtime and a group of talented performers show you their latest pole routine, or you feel like you have to hold your breath because the train is so packed, we’ve developed a skill to simply tune everything out and mind our own business. But what do you do when the faces of bigotry and racism disturb your ride?

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On a Brooklyn-bound L train, a White bigot who the New York Daily News identified as “Lime-A-Rita guzzling Paul Lawson” was recorded disrupting the commute after calling a group of teenage boys the N-word. Lawson is seen loudly arguing with New Yorkers, who worked together to literally kick him off of the train.  

For a few a days, the other passengers had not been identified. That is, until, Princess Nokia took to social media to confirm her involvement. “Yes I threw hot soup in this mans face,” the 25-year-old rapper tweeted. She added, “Any other racists wanna try us again?” This response is one part of a string of tweets from the NYC native.

This isn’t the first time Lawson has had his racist antics confronted on public transportation. In May, he was recorded for the same exact reason, being pushed off of the train as well. You would think he’d learn after the first time…

In today’s society, racism should be confronted. It should not be tolerated, but it should be made apparent because it IS present and it IS prevalent. Do you think Princess Nokia did the right thing? Was she a soup-er woman? Watch the full video below and decide for yourself: