5 Reasons Why We All Love Cardi B

From Love & Hip Hop to fame and fortune, Cardi B has been an inspiration to us all. The Bronx native rose from the streets and made it to the top of the Billboard charts with her single “Bodak Yellow.” Here are just a few ways this Latina has inspired us and continues to show us how to be a boss.

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1. She makes money moves.


She may have started her career off as an exotic dancer, but Cardi B has quickly made it up the ranks. Her career as a dancer came to an end when she gained a substantial social media following and signed up to be on season six of Love and Hip Hop. She signed with Atlantic Records in February of this year, teaching her fans that no matter where you come from, you are capable of making moves and as she would put it, “getting that shmoney.”  

2. She’s woke.

Cardi isn’t just big in the music scene, she’s even used her platform to discuss important political issues. In a video for Billboard, Cardi spoke on the current controversy surrounding the NFL and blamed team owners for limiting the freedom of expression of their players. “Don’t be so hard on these players,” Cardi said. “It may seem like   sometimes it’s not enough but these people need their jobs too.”  

3. P-E-to the T-T-Y.


We’ve gotta give it to her—Cardi B knows when to be petty and how to do it just right. Last month the rap star got into some hefty twitter beef with Azealia Banks when Banks tweeted about Bodak Yellow saying: “Black industry men are too hype for this Latina girl I’ve never seen them jump like this for remy [Ma] or nicki.” Cardi responded with a video of Banks jamming to none other than Bodak Yellow with the tweet: “One of the reasons Bodak Yellow went #1 cuz even the HATERS LOVE IT!!” The lesson here? If you must be petty, take notes from Cardi B. 

4. She empowers women of all walks of life.

Her humble upbringing has taught her the meaning of hard work. Cardi B has encouraged her everyone, especially her younger fans, to pursue a higher education, knowing well the repercussions of life without a degree. The Dominican beauty is also known for her body-positive stances, opening up about being an exotic dancer and how cosmetic surgery helped improve her self-confidence. Let’s face it, Cardi b slays but staying true to her fans is one of the reasons why we love her.

5. Let’s not forget— she’s a proud Latina.


We’ve all blasted the Spanish version of Bodak Yellow while getting ready for a night out with our girls. Not only does Cardi kill it on every track but she's a proud Latina who embraces her Dominican heritage and is paving the way for more Latinas to thrive in the music industry. Gracias, Cardi!