Watch: Exclusive Clip From Ferdinand Animated Film

Ferdinand is a bull like no other you’ve met before. He’s obsessed with flowers and has a peace-loving nature about him. And while neither of those traits has saved other bulls when it has come time to battle a matador, never doubt that Ferdinand is a very special creature that helps change the minds of many.

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If you missed seeing Ferdinand when he was on the big screen, you can now welcome him into your home via digital on February 27 and DVD/Blu-Ray on March 13.

In an exclusive clip for readers, you can learn more about what makes this animated creature so special, with commentary from WWE superstar John Cena who lends his voice to the titular character.

“The fact that he’s so in tune with nature and so excited to see flowers and smell different flowers [has him] so excited to go to the festival,” Cena’s says. Ferdinand truly enjoys the world around him.”

You’ll also learn more about the Spanish village of Ronda from producer Bruce Anderson, who admits it was their inspiration for the scenes that take place in the flower market.

Thomas Cardone, who served as production designer on the film, also talks about the great city of Madrid and how they brought it to life on the big screen. Fans can also learn more about the Atocha, the largest railway station in Madrid that became an animated destination in this Academy Award-nominated film.

There’s also a long list of talented Latinos who lent their voices to animated characters in the film including Bobby Cannavale, Miguel Ángel Silvestre, Gina Rodriguez, Juanes, Gabriel Iglesias, Raúl Esparza and Karla Martinez.

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Check out the exclusive clip above!