J.Lo Has A Fitness Twin & She's Everything!


From the red-carpet to the stage Jennifer Lopez is the queen of almost all ventures. She sings, dances, acts, and more while maintaining our #bodygoals. What if we told you she has a twin? Would you believe us? 

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Well if you don't, meet Janice Garay, a fitness competitor from Texas who looks like the A-lister's twin or sister! The fitness guru and J.Lo look so much alike it can make you do a double take. With thousands of followers, the bodybuilder was told on several occasions that she resembles the Puerto Rican bombshell. In an Instagram photo, the brunette beauty expressed, "So what you're telling me is that everyone has a twin and that  Jennifer Lopez is mine? I accept it! Do you have a famous twin? If so, who is it? " Check out the photo below and be the judge. 




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The top-knot beauty often uploads photos after gym sessions and competition, but it's clear she wouldn't have any competition when it comes to winning the Bronx bombshell's twin. The muscle maker maven encourages women on a daily to love their bodies and stay as positive as possible.