Blogger's Choice! 7 Perfect Holiday Gifts As Picked by Your Favorite Blogueras

This season, we asked some of our favorite Latina bloggers to share the holiday gifts that are high on their list. After all, bloggers get to try out the latest and greatest beauty products, tech items, fashion trends and more, so who better to tell you what's hot in stores than the women who spend their days testing and experiencing it all? Check out some of our top bloggers' picks for holiday 2013, then share your perfect gift idea by tweeting @Latina and your favorite bloguera on this list!

1. blog gifts slide 01 Dee Trillo, The Haute Frugalista

Dee Trillo, The Haute Frugalista
The Perfect Gift: Henri Bendel's Ready-to-Roll Keyboard
Why She Loves It: I’m constantly traveling, or on-the-go, and sometimes I don't want to bring my laptop with me. For me, it’s essential to be mobile and have gadgets that give me the flexibility to work from anywhere and stay connected with my loved ones. However, as much as I love technology, I don't want to get Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and that’s why I love this keyboard!

Besides the fact that everything Bendel is beyond stylish, this wireless keyboard is super skinny and roll-able, so I don’t have to worry about fitting one more item in my suitcase or handbag. In addition, the keyboard is Bluetooth® enabled which allows you to sync it any device (laptop, phone, tablet, etc). It’s noiseless, the battery lasts up to 90 hours, and it’s completely waterproof!

2. blog gifts slide 02 Yvonne Guidry, Spoiled Latina

Yvonne Guidry, Spoiled Latina
The Perfect Gift: TRIDENT EL-E9000-PP Electra Portable Power 9000
Why She Loves It: There is nothing worse than seeing your phone on low battery. Besides, being the perfect fuchsia pink (but available in other colors) all I have to do is charge overnight, throw it in my purse y vamonos. If I ever see my phone needing a quick boost throughout the day, I just plug it in and my problems are solved!
$77, Amazon

3. blog gifts slide 03 Nashelly Messina, Fabulatina

Nashelly Messina, Fabulatina
The Perfect Gift: Dyptique Paris Holiday Candles
Why She Loves It: Dyptique candles are my all-time favorite and I can't wait to get this limited edition holiday collection! 
The scent of this candle not only permeates a room but also your spirit – it’s simply magical. 

4. blog gifts slide 04 LeAura Luciano, EverSoPopular

LeAura Luciano, EverSoPopular
The Perfect Gift: Moissanite ‘Darling’ .5ct Round Stud Earrings in White Gold
Why She Loves It: More sparkle for less! Moissanite has nearly 2.5 times more 'fire' or brilliance than that of diamonds at fraction of the price. Its the perfect 'giftable' fashion accessory. 

5. blog gifts slide 05 Yanira Garza,

Yanira Garza,
The Perfect Gift: Red Carpet Manicure Starter Set
Why You Love It:  I spend $40 every few weeks for a no-chip manicure and it takes too much time out of my busy day. This kit allows me to do my manicures whenever I want, meaning night time once my kid is in bed, and I'm having hundreds a year. Not to mention, it is easy to use and I can change my nail color sooner if I wish.
From someone who chips within the first few days with any polish, this stuff really works.  
$59.99, Amazon

6. blog gifts slide 06 Pauline Campos, Aspiring Mama

Pauline Campos, Aspiring Mama
The Perfect Gift: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 & Galaxy Gear
Why She Loves It: Samsung makes me want to channel my inner Inspector Gadget. Amongst its many features, the Note 3 possesses an incredible camera which captures picture-perfect moments clearly and in high definition; essential to the work I do. Even better is the phone paired with the Galaxy Gear watch. Receive calls, texts, and take photos from my wrist? Yes, please!
Samsung Galaxy Note 3: $299 with contract
Samsung Galaxy Gear: $299, Wireless carriers &

7. blog gifts slide 07 Rachel Matos, theArtMuse

Rachel Matos, theArtMuse
The Perfect Gift: Tibetan Pendant Cuff inTurquoise 

Why She Loves It:  I'm obsessed with cuffs, and this one with turquoise is absolutely stunning.