Sephora Employee Gets Confronted for Racial Profiling, Responds With 'I'm From the Hood'

Wikimedia Commons/Justin Tung

A Sephora employee quickly learned what NOT to say when confronted for racial profiling. 

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A customer of the famous cosmetics store took to twitter to post an uncomfortable confrontation she and her friend had with an employee. The video, posted by @Leek13leeek, showed a woman explaining to the employee why she felt like she was being racially profiled in the store, after being interrupted several times and pointed out to a security guard while shopping. 



After the employee denied profiling allegations, she responded to the customers by saying, "You guys might not know this, but I'm from the hood," and that she has "tons of black friends." It's clear that her statements reveal prejudice thought since she assumed the girls were from "the hood" just because they were people of color. 

There have been over two thousand polarizing comments on the tweet since it was posted last Friday. While many people agree with the customers, some feel that the staff member was being attacked. 



Sephora has responded to the video and apologized for the uncomfortable confrontation. 

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